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Welcome to neurequity

Investing in employee mental health

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“Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength”

Sigmund Freud

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Our Mission

Our mission is to make practical mental health know-how accessible throughout your organisation by giving all employees an understanding of mental health, offering effective mental hygiene tools and methodologies for self-care, and providing a proven approach for normalising the conversation to expedite colleague support.

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neurequity HUB

The workplace mental health and wellbeing portal

The HUB has been designed to equip your organisation with mental wellbeing best practice and make it available to all constituents, enabling gains in organisational productivity and employee engagement.  Through a holistic and proactive approach, you can enhance the collective mental health of your workforce whilst attending to the paramount needs of those staff who may be currently struggling with poor mental health.

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Knowledge HUB

A comprehensive and continually updated intelligence library, categorised to provide easy search access for content relevant to the user’s needs

The Knowledge HUB delivers curated content in the forms of clinically approved e-Books, self-help toolkits, insight papers, webinar recordings, infographics, and signposting for over 150 countries worldwide.  All content is based on neurequity’s clinical research, collated by our accredited experts and continually reviewed and updated to reflect latest evidence and medical advances.

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Learning HUB

Structured e-learning journeys provide all learners with comprehensive mental health and wellbeing education

The Learning HUB offers an array of compelling, on-demand, bitesize interactive modules with dynamic exercises, quizzes and questionnaires, animations, videos, and more.  Driven by client requirements, it provides content to diffuse mental health knowledge and confidence, guide employees with concepts and practices to advance their shared understanding, and provide a common language.

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Conference HUB

A ready-made, year round calendar of regular workplace mental health and wellbeing live events, founded on key monthly themes and awareness dates

Live webinars delivered by world experts, panel discussions, insight papers, structured presentation material for internal use, and much more, all relevant to workplace mental health and wellbeing.  Additionally, for all employee education and new joiners, a recurring monthly series of three webinars entitled "Understanding Mental Health and Wellbeing", "Mental Health and Preventative Self-Care", and "Normalising the Conversation and Compassionate Interventions"

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Built on proven, world-class, feature rich and secure UK-hosted cloud technology that can scale with your needs

Our platform is fast to deploy and provides simple-to-use and intuitive access.  With content tagging and comprehensive search capability, learners can quickly find the content they need, and it's all accessible from any laptop/PC or tablet over the Internet.  With options to apply your corporate branding and use single sign-on, the neurequity HUB can fit seamlessly into your internal application landscape.

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About neurequity

neurequity is the brainchild of Dr Hayley Dare, Consultant Clinical Psychologist of almost 30 years’ professional experience, who’s aspirational vision is ‘to create a mentally healthier society'.

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Dr. Hayley Dare

Chief Executive Officer

Hayley is a Chartered Consultant Clinical Psychologist with over 25 years’ professional experience. Formerly a Clinical Director in the NHS, she had clinical responsibilities covering The Orchard, Broadmoor and Rampton High Secure Hospitals.

Since leaving the NHS in 2014 she’s been collaborating with large corporate and Government clients leveraging the principles and science of clinical psychology for business advantage. Mental health is more than Hayley’s profession, it’s her passion and her vocation.


With two children, two Bengal cats, being a keen traveller and lover of the Arts, Hayley is never at a loss for things to do!

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