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Complimentary Events from Neurequity in October 2023

Neurequity is delighted to announce two collaborative events taking place in October 2023.

Am overview of the Neurequity complimentary events taking place in October 2023events

Tuesday 10th October, 10am: Experts in their Field - "Unscripted"

Join us for our World Mental Health Day panel discussion and audience questions, in collaboration with Dr Beverley Flint, Consultant Clinical Psychologist and founder of Flint Training and Consultancy, and Dr Emma Mahoney, Chartered Clinical Psychologist and founder of The Advisory ND.

This is a rare opportunity for leaders, managers and employees to listen in and engage with a very experienced and highly qualified panel of genuine mental health professionals. Some of the key topics being discussed will include how the pandemic has changed mental health and wellbeing, key messages for managers and advice on mental self-care.

Tuesday 17th October 2023, 12pm: Demystifying the menopause, mood and cognition

October is World Menopause Month, so join us for what will be an insightful and informative webinar in collaboration with Dr Clare Spencer, a registered menopause specialist, NHS GP and co-founder of My Menopause Centre.

In this webinar, we will look at why it's time to kickstart the conversation and reframe attitudes around menopause, demystify the menopause and its impact on mental health, mood and cognition, and share the latest thinking on preparing for and managing symptoms. There will also be a valuable opportunity for the audience to ask questions.

To reserve your place on the above events, please contact us at, providing your contact details.

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