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April is Stress Awareness Month – join our online event “Because You Can’t Have Too Much Psychological Resilience”

Invite to the Neurequity webinar on 25th April.

This month is Stress Awareness Month which this year revolves around ‘little by little a little becomes a lot’. At Neurequity we will be taking a deep dive into the importance of self-care. The daily routines that can build resilience and help in the prevention of depression and anxiety. By prioritising the smaller actions and rituals we move towards stress management and improve our mental health over time.

Benefit your Organisation with Neurequity’s Online Webinar

Our stress awareness webinar will be hosted on Thursday 25th April 2024 at 11:00am (BST) and is open to anyone who is keen to promote mental health within their organisation. The event is titled “Because You Can’t Have Too Much Psychological Resilience”.

This month’s event will be hosted by Dr Hayley Dare, a clinical psychologist with almost 30 years’ professional experience, whose aspirational vision is to create a mentally healthier society.

She brings wisdom from neuroscience and clinical psychology to leverage incremental gains theory. Attendees with gain the know-how to weave clinically proven mental self-care practices into their daily lives, to enhance, maintain and as required, help restore resilience.

What does Neurequity have to offer?

This webinar is a great opportunity to find out how Neurequity delivers to support an organisations’ mental wellbeing goals. As a high proportion of workers experience stress, Neurequity’s mission is to provide workplace mental health and wellbeing guidance for all employees through our blended learning solutions.

Neurequity offers a comprehensive mental health and wellbeing online education solution engineered for integration into your Learning Management System.

Designed and developed by Clinical Psychologists, it provides a holistic online solution to mental health and wellbeing workplace education by blending engaging digital learning content with interactive, live online expert-led events.

To find out more contact us at

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