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Complimentary access to Neurequity ‘Foundation Learning Webinar Series’

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

“Mental health and wellbeing is more than my profession. It’s my passion and my vocation.

Since my career started, work and society have experienced change beyond the natural evolution of the human brain. Latent mental health challenges, many aggravated by the pandemic, are now being exposed with widespread negative impact and being referred to as a mental illness epidemic.

To survive and thrive, individuals, organisations and societies need to develop the knowledge and know-how to nurture their mental health, commensurate to their management of physical health.

Neurequity was developed to answer this need. To empower everyone, within an organisation, with ongoing and comprehensive mental wellbeing learning pathways.

I warmly invite you and your employees to join me on our complimentary events and let Neurequity play a role in enhancing the wellbeing of your organisation.”

Dr Hayley Dare Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Neurequity Chief Executive

Neurequity Foundation Learning Webinar Series:

1- Understanding Mental Health and Wellbeing 10am, 14th Sept. ‘23

2-Mental Hygiene and Preventive Self-Care 10am, 21st Sept. ‘23 3-Compassionate Interventions 10am, 28th Sept. ‘23

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